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50 new clutch kits added to the CI Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Range

Featuring an impressive 3 Year Warranty


Clutch Industries (CI) announced its release of a new Heavy Duty (HD) range of clutch kits earlier this year. 
Working hard to continue the growth on this range CI now have added to the range by launching
50 new Heavy Duty clutch kits. This will add a coverage of more than 700 applications in
the CI heavy duty clutch kit range and is available now.

The new HD range still has the design, engineering and quality standard that the market demands from a CI product but without the marketing hype. It provides the practical benefits of a well-engineered high toque capacity product minus the unnecessary frills normally associated with this type of product.

The product has been designed for those people looking for a good value highly durable clutch, stripped back to basics and made specifically for the customer that demands strong torque capacity with excellent drivability. Perfect for customers that tow, carry heavy loads, are in the boating or caravan market and or use their vehicles commercially.


  • Each CI HD clutch kit has an increase in torque capacity 
  • We offer CI HD clutch kits for a wide range of applications and this will continue to expand 
  • All CI HD clutch kits include a cover, plate and bearing
  • All CI HD clutch kits come standard with a 3 year or 50,000km no fault warranty