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Dealer network on the rise for Mantic Engineering.
Mantic Engineering launched their new online website along with a dealer network program late 2013. The launched dealer network offered Mantic Clutch customers a new way to purchase their product, through the use of an online portal. The dealer network  has improved relations between the dealers and manufacturer, taking away the need to wait for sales and customer service representatives to make contact with them. The dealer can log in online direct to the Mantic Clutch website any time of the day and order the clutch kit they are after with the product shipped directly from Mantic’s US warehouse within a days.
“The dealer network has grown by 20% in the last few months, expanding to 65 dealers around the USA offering the Mantic Clutch range as part of their own product range”, stated Sally McMahon, Mantic Engineering, Marketing Service Manager. Sally went on to say, “The Mantic dealer network has created a buzz within the clutch world, with customers buying direct from the store on a regular basis and being very happy with the service.”
Mantic Engineering, have also added a number of new products to their range, adding not only new clutch kits but clutch components. “This was a regular request from our existing dealers who have been under pressure to try and supply this type of product to their customers”, said Geoff Gerko, North American Sales and Technical Manager for Mantic Engineering. “We understand that there was a demand in the racing industry for this, so we jumped on board and are only happy to offer our product with a component level option.”
Mantic have also recently released the Mantic 9000 Series twin and triple for the C6 ZR-1 Corvette LS9, 2009 - 2013. These clutch kits are the next development in the popular Mantic Track and Street clutch series.
Designed specifically for the US Export market, the product is similar to a design recently released in Australia for the LS engine based Commodore market. There are 4 options in the twin and 3 options in the triple providing a range of performance and drivability options for the enthusiast.
Mantic performance clutches are designed and manufactured by qualified engineers in Australia with full research and test facilities at their disposal. Mantic does not believe that driving a high performance road vehicle has to mean living with a compromise on clutch operation.
“The feedback we have received in regards to this product has been overwhelming, our major dealers in the USA are extremely happy with the pulling power and the way it handles at high speed.” said Sally. One customer stated, “I have the triple disc in my 1000+ HP Corvette C6...very smooth, quiet and minimal pedal pressure increase over stock.”
Engineer, Michael Bais, made comment on this product saying, “The customers are having their new Corvettes boosted to new highs when it comes to power. The Mantic twin was getting to its limit, so the Mantic triple was born. With 50% more torque capacity than the twin, it will handle these extremely high torque vehicles with room to spare.”
It seems that Mantic Engineering continue to be leaders within the industry, developing new and improved clutch products, which is evolving very quickly in the US with some very positive results.
Keep watch for more activity from the Mantic Engineering team.