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Mantic Engineering Triple Disc Clutch for the C7 Corvette.

The Mantic Clutch has recently released the Mantic 9000 Series Triple plate clutch for the C7 Corvette, 2005-2013. This new range of clutch kits is for the owner boosting the output of the C7 Corvette. Kits are capable of holding 1515 ft-lbs yet still delivering smooth engagement and easy drivability.

Part numbers available for C7 6.2lt LT1 Corvette, 2013-2015
M931207 – SPHCC style clutch plates (Sprung Hub cushioned cerametallic) and MOI Cover (Round)
M932207 - SLHCC style clutch plates (Solid Hub cushioned cerametallic) and MOI Cover (Round)
M933207 - SLHPS style clutch plates (Solid Hub Puck Style) and MOI Cover (Round)
M934207 - SPHOS style clutch plates (Solid Hub ORGANIC) and MOI Cover (Round)

Mantic performance clutches are designed and manufactured by qualified engineers in Australia with full research and test facilities at their disposal. Mantic do not believe that driving a high performance road vehicle has to mean living with a compromise on clutch operation. The Senior Engineer, Michael Bais made comment on this product saying, “Some of our customer were reaching the Mantic twin’s limit, so the Mantic triple was born. With 50% more torque capacity than the twin, it will handle these extremely high torque vehicles with room to spare.”

For more information visit www.manticclutch.com