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Mantic Engineering Twin Disc "P" kit for retrofit application

The Mantic Clutch have recently released the Mantic 9000 Series Twin Disc Kits for retrofit applications.  The Mantic 9000 Series Indirect fit clutch kit is the next development of the popular Mantic 9000 Track and Street clutches. Initially the direct fit Mantic range products is tailored to the requirements of the custom built vehicle. For customers who are running a 26T X 1 1/8” transmission input shaft, commonly found in Tremec range of transmissions.
The introduction of this new product, gives the owner the flexibility to replace the kit at a fraction of the cost. The kit offers only the replacement parts for the cover and plates, this allowing the option for the customer to use their own flywheel and bearing. Geoff Gerko, the Mantic Technical and Sales Rep, has said “The popularity of modern drivelines in older cars has been on the rise the last several years. Whether it’s a Pro Touring Ride or a Cruise Night Resto Rod, these “P” kits allow these customers to utilize a Mantic clutch in there ride”.
Mantic 9000 Series indirect fit clutch kits are not just a range of street modified clutches, qualified engineers specially design this product with full research and test facilities at their disposal. The net result is the ability to select a clutch that will best suit your needs. Mantic Clutch was designed these products with the driver in mind first and foremost.
Below is a list of the 2 kits available for all Mantic Clutch Dealers, with a clutch disc spline of 26T X 1 1/8”:

Mantic Clutch has more than 60 years of experience in Australia manufacturing all types of OEM and performance, passenger and SUV clutches. If you believe as Mantic does that driving a high performance vehicle does not mean living with a compromise on clutch operations then you should try a Mantic clutch.

For more information visit www.manticclutch.com.au