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4Terrain Clutch Kit improved Mitsubishi Triton clutch performance



Clutch Industries has announced the new 4Terrain clutch kit for the Mitsubishi Triton, which offers an immediate step up in 4WD performance and durability. The latest Mitsubishi Triton 4Terrain clutch kit is a product of Clutch Industries new Research and Development Centre in Melbourne. The largest of its type in Australia.

The Chief Engineer, Damian Bibby says, “This upgrade will enhance the drivers experience in 4WDriving, offroad and extreme terrain. The replacement kit brings with it a unique clutch system and is designed specifically for the unique demands of 4-wheel driving. So unique is the design, that no other 4WD performance clutch system offers the same characteristics and benefits”.

The great advantage of the 4Terrain system lies in the combination of the cover assembly and clutch plate designs. The cover assembly’s pressure plate is manufactured from Spheroidal Graphite, which has a yield strength 300% higher than conventional grey cast iron. This materials increased yield strength is evident when comparing its microstructure. Combined with the unique 4Terrain clutch plate, which has a conventional synthetic composite material on one side and a unique friction material and geometry (segmented) on the other side. This material also reduces the effects of Fade. 4Terrain offers the best performance and drivability on the market today proving itself both locally and internationally competitive.

Clutch Industries are the only full service clutch manufacturer in Australia and offer a full engineering, test and manufacturing capability. Innovation, research and development is a high priority for Clutch Industries, and the company invests heavily into R&D in the pursuit of greater market share within both Australian and export markets.

The combination of CI’s engineering capability and on-site manufacturing produces the best-engineered product range available from any Australian manufacturer.


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