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Mantic Clutch featured on 2 Guys Garage.

Two Guys Garage is an American reality television series on automobile repair and customizing, hosted by Kevin Byrd and Willie B. The series is based in Tampa, Florida. Two Guys Garage covers virtually every aspect of vehicle repairing, customizing and restoring. The hosts perform product demonstrations and installations on a wide variety of import and domestic cars and light trucks, and they show viewers the right way to execute modifications with hands-on projects throughout the season.

Throughout each episode, the hosts highlight a number of automotive parts talking about the features and benefits of each item. Mantic Clutch has recently been a part of these show and featured their range, Mantic Street and its groove design technology and the Mantic track series twin and triple plate clutch kits.

So if your interested in getting more torque out of your clutch, while keeping minimum paddle effect, the Mantic Street ER2 groove design might just be what you are looking for. The patented groove design is CNC machined to increase torque capacity and cooling.

Looking for a more superior upgrade in Clutch kit, then you need to look at the Mantic 9000 Series twin and triple disc clutch kits. These are low MOI (moment of Inertia) clutches so they have a smaller disc diameter and optimized flywheel mass. These are made with premium cerametallic friction materials to increase torque and heat capacity, plus the discs are cushion with sprung hubs so they are able to give you that feel of smooth engagement and drivability.

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